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Michael Gutknecht

Mike has had a colorful job history since attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the mid 1970’s. After college, Mike worked as a blackjack dealer at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, opened a wooden shutter manufacturing firm called the Shutter Mill, owned a carpet cleaning company called Rugs to Riches, managed Destec, Inc. a company that manufactured motorized Radio Flyer wagons called Radical Flyers and was managing director of several divisions of the Ride Entertainment Group of Companies, a MD based company that specializes in the manufacture, installation, inspection and operation of major amusement rides.

A native of Iowa, Mike moved to Las Vegas as a teenager, lived in Southern California for 2 years, and has resided in Northern Utah since 1997. He currently lives with his wife Marie and their two dogs Lucy and Sadie. Mike is an avid bicyclist and has ridden in several century rides with his son, Michael.

Roy Alltop

Roy was born in Ohio, lived most of his childhood in Wyoming and has lived in Utah for the last 6 years. He has experienced quite a bit in his life from serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, working in the refrigeration and electrical trade, driving a two ton dump truck for a coal mine and working as a flooring cleaning specialist. He has over 23 years of experience in the carpet/tile/upholstery cleaning trade and at one time owned his own business. His hard work ethic, honesty in dealing with customers and experience cleaning all types of flooring is a rare commodity in the carpet cleaning industry. By partnering up with Mike, Primo Steamo has become the premier carpet cleaning business in Northern Utah.

Roy is married to Tanya, has seven children, five grandchildren and currently resides in Clearfield, Utah.


How long has Primo Steamo been in business?

We started Primo Steamo in 2016, however my carpet cleaning experience goes all the way back to the mid 1980's when I owned a carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV called Rugs to Riches.

Does Primo Steamo offer free estimates?

Yes we do.  While we can give you our basic pricing guidelines over the phone, it is difficult to give a firm price without actually seeing what work has to be done.  Our way around this is to come to your home, inspect what you need cleaned and give you a firm bid in person.  This is a free, no obligation service that we gladly offer.   

Does Primo Steamo use truck mounted equipment?

Yes, we use powerful truck mounted equipment because sometimes you just need horsepower!  We even have our own soft water unit in the van so we are rinsing your carpet with soft water.  

Does Primo Steamo use harsh chemicals to clean the carpet?

We made the decision when we started in 2016 that we would not use the harsh chemicals to clean carpet.  Some of these chemicals are so harsh, they can actually damage the carpet.  We use industry standard products and even have all natural products for use in situations where the customer is sensitive to cleaners.  

How long does it usually take for the carpet to dry?

Because we scrub the carpet prior to rinsing, we don't use as much steam (water) to rinse the carpet as many of our competitors.  Therefore, the carpets we clean generally dry in 4-5 hours, depending upon temperature/humidity conditions.  If you need your carpet dry quickly, we are more than happy to leave our air movers with you.  These air movers will dry a 6-foot diameter area in 20-30 minutes.  We offer this service to you at no cost.

What type of payments does Primo Steamo accept?

We accept all credit/debit cards as well as cash.  Payment will be processed by our technician when he has completed the job and the customer is pleased with the results.   

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